Gemini Electronic Components

In May 2017, ADI acquired Gemini Electronic Components, a value-added supply chain partner and distributor of mil-spec connectors and other electronic components. Gemini provides a complementary product line and customer base to ADI, allowing ADI to accelerate its diversified growth strategy.

Microwave Components

Oct 10, 2018, American Distributors LLC announced the acquisition of Microwave Components Inc., the Stuart, Florida based distributor specializing in interconnect products and low loss cable/cable assemblies, from antennas to board level components. Microwave Components, LLC, the new name of the ADI business unit, enhances ADI’s ability to fulfill orders of any size and allows our customers to maintain reliable systems and component inventories without seeking multiple vendors.


Aug 1, 2019, American Distributors LLC announced the acquisition of DCX (cage code 60118) and NewVac (cage code 63127) divisions from DCX-CHOL Enterprises, Inc. The Chatsworth, CA based value-added AS9100 manufacturing company specializes in producing high-performance cable assemblies, wiring harnesses and interconnect systems for the defense market. Both companies have been in business for over 30 years supporting the US military and their customers.

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