In our first “How To” segment, Accuturn will be sharing how our team is continuously staying on top of the industry trends by optimizing our internal processes for more efficient and relevant outcomes. Let’s start at the foundation. At Accuturn our priority is customer satisfaction. Our teams evolve with the shifting needs of the industry, while maintaining the highest quality of products and customer experience. We have broken down customer satisfaction into this simple formula:

Customer Satisfaction = Quality + On-Time Delivery + Continuous Improvement

Now let’s focus on Quality. Quality itself consists of a variety of factors. Some examples include product quality, the strength of interpersonal relationships, and the compliance with the evolving quality standards. To increase the Quality our company offers to our customers, we set goals for Continuous Improvement.

This year, Accuturn’s Continuous Improvement goals are unique because they take into consideration the effects that COVID-19 has had on the Aerospace, Defense, Marine, and Medical industries. As many industries slowed down their growth in the past year, we are expecting to see an increase in the demand for products in the upcoming years. So how is Accuturn preparing for this comeback? During the slow-down caused by the pandemic, Accuturn made sure that we made internal improvements to prepare for new and increased opportunities. Our teams have taken the steps to…

  1. Maintain and Prepare for Certifications/Compliances: Accuturn has been AS9100 and ISO 9001 certified, NIST 900-181 Compliant, ITAR Compliant, and we are preparing for the flow down of the CMMC Certification. It is important for our teams to stay on top of these requirements to make sure that we are maintaining the integrity of our products and holding our company accountable to an industry standard. The trends in the certifications and compliances will always be an important focal point for manufacturing companies as it allows them to remain relevant and competitive in their field.
  2. Provide Training Opportunities to Our Employees. At Accuturn, we firmly believe in investing time and resources in our employees. By providing one-on-one training opportunities, our employees are up-to-date with any changes in industry practices and are competitive candidates in the manufacturing field.
  3. Perform Kaizen Events. By creating these events, we are able to continuously evaluate and improve our processes. Change is constant and our team at Accuturn ensures we are ready to tackle these changes in an industry-approved manner.
  4. Implement Industry 4.0. Industry 4.0 is a great tool for manufacturing companies to make more data-driven decisions. Using quantitative data can help back up qualitative observations and it can also lead us to draw new decisions.
  5. Support Local Schools: While this connection might not seem intuitive, we are able anticipate industry trends by engaging with the future workforce. We are able to learn more about their interests and how we can create a mutually beneficial relationship by supporting their goals with our mission. By strengthening these local partnerships, we are helping to shape the future workforce in manufacturing.

Keeping up with industry trends is a combination of market research and continuous improvement of our internal processes. A bonus factor of keeping up with industry trends is increasing customer satisfaction by anticipating the needs of our customers. While there is no easy formula on how to stay on top of the market trends, our team is taking a data-driven approach to make sure that our decisions are backed by reason. By employing various strategies, we are able to keep up with the industry trends and prepare for any unexpected changes in an informed manner.

It is important to keep up with these trends for our customers, community, and company. By taking a multifaceted approach, our team at Accuturn is able to prepare for any unforeseeable changes in the industry and stay ahead of the curve.

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