With over 20 years of experience serving the Aerospace & Defense industries, Accuturn Manufacturing has applied our precision machining expertise to Aerospace, Defense, and adjacent industries. We strive to produce quality parts ranging from runners used in aircraft engines, bushings used in MRI machines, to bearings used in jet shock absorbers. From complex engineering designs to simple bushings, our manufacturing team can provide solutions for any industry.

Industries Applications
Aerospace & Defense
From landing gear to engine components, aircrafts are composed of assembled complex machined products to enable their functionality. Products made for commercial or government aircrafts must comply with industry specifications, hold tight tolerances, and be of the highest-quality.
Underwater vessels require high precision components to ensure the integrity of the body when it is partially or fully submerged in water.
Green Energy
Different green energy technologies and components must be created with durable material to corrosion and weathering. Wind and water turbines require complex and accurate component to efficiently convert natural resources into clean energy.
From the metal components in CT and MRI machines to dental instruments, medical technology and tools incorporate detailed and varying sized machined components. These parts must be manufactured with precision and high-quality, and created from a wide range of materials.

Military & Defense

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Power Generation