Accuturn Manufacturing Company is a one-stop-shop for complete precision machining. We value our relationships with our customers, suppliers, co-workers, and business partners. Our commitment to fostering our relationships and providing dependable solutions has been the foundation of our growth for the past 24 years. We provide a range of machining services to ensure our customers are able to meet their production deadlines, cost goals, and quality standards. Accuturn ensures one-stop accountability for simple roughing jobs all the way to complete jobs with multiple operations.

The Accuturn Advantage

We Know How to Take on a Challenge.

High-Volume Production

No job is too big for our production teams. We are ready to take on projects of any size, and we will schedule the deliveries according to our customer’s production schedule. Our efficient processes allow us to meet your needs for low-cost, high volume production.


Our highly-qualified engineering teams have decades of experience of working closely with our customers to fabricate prototypes according to their blueprint specifications. We provide feedback to help optimize our customers’ operations.

Over 20 Years of High-Quality Products

With over 20 years of experience serving Aerospace & Defense as well as related industries, Accuturn Manufacturing has provided dependable & high-quality precision machining solutions for complex projects. Our teams are trained to the industry standards to exceed our customer’s expectations for quality.

We are a Value-Added Manufacturer.

Guaranteed Quality

As an AS9100 and ISO 9001 certified company, our first priority is providing our customers with a high-quality experience. This means producing the best parts, communicating openly with our customers, maintaining our certifications, and ensuring our teams are quality-driven. 

One-Stop Accountability

Accuturn ensures one-stop accountability for simple roughing jobs all the way to orders with multiple operations. We have an entrusted network of local suppliers, from material acquisition all the way to NDT, so our customers get the full service while only dealing with one supplier.

Competitive Pricing and On-Time Delivery

For years, Accuturn has been committed to giving our customers the best competitive prices while maintaining our high-quality standards and reliable on-time delivery. With shortened lead times our production teams work quickly efficiently so our customers can expect their orders to be delivered anywhere in the U.S. at their convenience 



We have an effective Foreign Object Debris (FOD) Prevention Program and continuously train our employees in order to avoid damages to our products, injury to our workforce, or delays in our production schedule. Our FOD Prevention measures enable us to transparently manufacture the highest-quality of products.

Lean Facility

In order to work efficiently, our facilities are kept clean at all times. We have 5S facility management in order to maintain the best data-driven practices at our facility.


We recognize the impact of our work on our community and the environment. We provide green packaging options and are always looking for ways to reduce our waste and increase our sustainability practices. Sustainability to Accuturn means retaining and developing our local workforce, reducing our negative environmental impact, and finding multiple applications for our expertise.

Our Commitment to Continuous Improvement Helps our Customers Grow.

Quick Turn-Around

One of our top priorities is to provide our customers with the fastest service possible. At Accuturn, we understand the demand of our customers’ requests so we’re dedicated to continuously analyzing our internal processes in order to reduce our lead time.


At Accuturn, data drives our decisions. We are constantly analyzing our internal processes to create shorter lead times and cut costs for our customers.  Our data-driven decisions paired with our goal for 100% customer satisfaction foster an environment to develop long-term relationships.

Collaborative Learning

We are continuously developing our employees and providing opportunities to the future workforce. By collaborating with local schools and creating learning opportunities for students, we are building the future generation CT manufacturers. Learn more about our Local Impact.